Food Safety



WEN PIIM設計團隊在草創階段,尋找數種不同材質來表達理念時,反覆的試驗後,玻璃材質是心




WEN PIIM也已將產品送驗SGS Group -通用檢驗公證集團,且通過嚴格歐盟(EC) 1935/ 2004食品容器


The characteristic of glass is transparent and stuffy it is inert material, stable, heat and acid- resistant.

Glass is unfixed shape.

In the pioneering stage, the design team of WEN PIIM search for many different materials to express the idea, the material of glass is the best choice after completed lots of tests over and over. We endow with new life on glassware, also make changes in technique, which WEN PIIM’s products will not be caused health effect.

WEN PIIM’s products are finished the tests of Regulation EC No 1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, and FDA Compliance Policy Guides CPG Sec. 545.400 by SGS Group, WEN PIIM take corporate social responsibility on strict check.

food safety